DZY –050 Liquid Petroleum Products Hydrocarbon Meter


Applicable Standard

GB/T 11132-2002

Performance Characteristics

This instrument is suitable to determine volume percentage of main hydrocarbons such as paraffin, olefins and aromatics in liquid petroleum products.
The whole machine adopts the imported precision adsorption column and fluorescent indicator, and silica gel, which ensure the reliability of data. The fixed standard oscillator system, dual pressure regulating system, and Concealment type ultraviolet light source effectively prevent radiation.
Air compressor without oil and noise, is used for air suction. It is easy to observe because of light equipped.

Technical indicators

(1) Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz.
(2) Testing two precision columns at the same time
(3) Hidden ultraviolet light source
(4) Integrated oscillation suspension bracket
(5) Equipping light
(6)Dual pressure regulating system
(7)stainless steel standard metric scale
(8)Imported fluorescence indicator and silica gel

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