DZY-003Z|Petroleum Product Automatic Distillation Recognizer


Applicable Standard


Performance Characteristics

The apparatus is applied to measure the composition of the oil products’distillate such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil products.
The apparatus adopts single-chip automatic monitoring and controlling from the whole process of trial and test, LCD displays the entire process of various types of related data and curves.
Surface tracking system composes of step-by-step motor, ball-screw positioning circular, linear laser tracking.
Cooling pipe temperature, room temperature of graduated cylinder, all using mechanical refrigeration、circulatory system completed automatically.
Automatic distillation furnace heating control, so that the sample from initial amplitude boiling point to 95% controlled by flow rate in 4 ~ 5ml per minute.
Available the required volume for a specific temperature.
According to the percentage loss can be converted into percentages of evaporation temperature.
From keyboard inputs of the local atmospheric pressure, automatically correct temperature for the standard atmospheric pressure.
This apparatus can be stored, query and print results.

Technical indicators

Power supply:AC220V±10%
Cold pipe temperature:0~60±0.5℃ (The temperature can be set at will within this range)
Graduated cylinder chamber temperature:14~17±1℃
Distillation electric furnace power:1.0KW
Graduated cylinder error:≤0.1ml

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